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2℃~8℃ Ice Lined Refrigerator Medical Refrigerator YC-150EW

•Constant temperature under intelligent control

•Well-developed audible & visual alarm

•High-efficiency Freon-free refrigeration

•Human-oriented structure design

•4-digit LED high-brightness digital display


Constant Temperature under Intelligent

Control High-precision micro-processed temperature control system: The cabinet has built-in high-sensitivity temperature sensors, ensuring a constant temperature inside it;

Security System

The well-developed audible & visual alarm system (high and low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, etc.) makes it safer for storage.

Turn-on delay & stopping interval protection; The door is equipped with a lock, preventing it from unauthorized opening;

High-efficiency Refrigeration

Equipped with environmentally-friendly Freon-free refrigerant and compressor supplied by an international famous brand, the refrigerator is characterized by fast refrigeration and low noise.

Human-oriented Design

Power on/off key (the button is located on the display panel);

Power-on delay time setting function;

Start-delay time setting function (solving the problem of simultaneous startup of batch products after power failure);



  Scope of Application

Suitable for storage of biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc. Suitable for use in pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, centers for disease prevention & control, clinics, etc.


Technical Parameters
Product NameIce Lined Refrigerator ModelYC-150EW
Cabinet TypeChestEffective Capacity150L
External Size (WDH)mm811*775*929Internal Size(WDH)mm585*465*651
Temp.Range(℃)2~8Input Power(W)213
Voltage220V/50Hz or customized as 220V,60Hz or 110V,60HzN.W/G.W(Kgs)63.5/66



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.